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 Head Captain Yamamoto Vs Uchiha Madara

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Captain Yamamoto
 33% [ 2 ]
Madara Uchiha
 67% [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 6

(Fairy Tail)Mavis

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PostSubject: Head Captain Yamamoto Vs Uchiha Madara   Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:40 am

The battle between the Head Captain of the 13 Squads in Bleach and the God of Uchiha or shall I say God of Shinobi.

Head Captain Yamamoto's Bankai makes him have so much Reiatsu that his body looks like it is on fire. The temperature of his Bankai is 1.5 million degrees and is said to be able to turn ANYTHING it touches into ashes. It is said that he has the strongest and deadliest Zanpakuto of the entire Soul Society. When being close to him while fighting, you will feel as if your whole body is dry and they will be no hope for you to survive if you touch him. He is the ultimate weapon and ultimate shield of all existence. The untouchable Shinigami!!

Madara Uchiha is a legendary shinobi that is proclaimed to be the God of all Shinobi and to be one, if not, the strongest character in the entire Naruto Verse. His extremely powerful attacks obliterate entire villages and bring nations to their knees with ease. His endless powers allow him to summon the famous and powerful Kyuubi that is renowned for almost ending the Leaf Village’s existence. Madara’s eyes are very special as he has Rinnegan in both eyes and they are said to be the strongest eyes in existence.
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(Fairy Tail) Destiny
(Fairy Tail) Destiny

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PostSubject: Re: Head Captain Yamamoto Vs Uchiha Madara   Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:01 am

Madara would win. He doesn't need to get close to Captain Yamamoto.
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Head Captain Yamamoto Vs Uchiha Madara
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