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 Duel Points

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Happy The Cat
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PostSubject: Duel Points   Sat Dec 07, 2013 6:53 pm

Duel Points

Duel Points? What are Duel Points?! Duel Points are Fairy Tail's currency when it comes to the forums; you can spend it on anything that's available! Duel Points can be earned in various ways; for instance, you can earn them by completing one of Happy's Quests!

Depending on what rank you got in the intial testing will determine how many points you start on:

A - Class: 17 Duel Points
B - Class: 15 Duel Points
C - Class: 13 Duel Points
D - Class: 11 Duel Points
E - Class:  8 Duel Points

This only applies to newcomers joining the Guild.

You can find the amount of Duel Points you have on your profile.

You purchase everything other than Tests (these are requested in the "Test Requests" section) in Mage Shops.


Methods to earning Duel Points:

Complete a Quest Assigned by Happy: Varies Depending On Quest

Win a Tournament: Tournaments already specify how much you win.

Trading in the Mage Shop (GFX, Decks on DN etc...): You pick a price that's right! Max = 10

Completing a Ruling Quiz assigned by Happy, Yajima or Chaotic Spectre, points per correct question: 2 Duel Points

Testing a Member of Fairy Tail: 2 Duel Points - Only applies to Testers

'''Recruiting''' (you ask them, not the other way around) a Member and Referring Them to Happy/ Laxus/ Yajima/ Mavis: 3 Duel Points

Winning a War in the War Team: 20 Duel Points - Only Applies to Happy's Fish Catchers

1 Duel Point for Each Judge Call - Only Applies to Judges

Passing the Judge Test Administered by Chaotic Spectre: 20 Duel Points

Organizing/Organising and Finishing a Tournament: 5 Duel Points - Only Applies to Tournament Moderators.

Magic Council Members may Award Points - Maximum: 10 Duel Points - There must be a legitimate reason and must be agreed on by Happy/Mavis.

Creating a Topic: Varies on Topic

Commenting on a Topic: Varies on Topic

Spending Duel Points:

Partaking in a Tournament: Tournaments specify how much you need to spend in order to join.

Tester Test: 60 Duel Points

War Team Test: 50 Duel Points

Retest: 30 Duel Points - This is the only way you can retest.

Challenging a Fairy Tail Member in the Duel Colosseum: 1 Point - They must accept. You can only challenge the same member twice in the same week.

Deck from a Guild Deck Builder: 10 Duel Points

Becoming a GFX'er for the Guild: 10 Duel Points + 1 Example of your work.

Requesting a Judge Test: Must be A Class and Higher - 10 Duel Points.

Becoming a Deck Builder: 10 Duel Points and an Example of a Deck Created that a Current Deck Builder Issues.

Having an Existing Deck Tweaked by an Official Fairy Tail Deck Builder: 5 Duel Points

Becoming a Tourament Moderator and Tournament Organizer/Organiser: Must have a Challonge Account - B Rank or Higher and Have Skype: 5 Duel Points


Above is subject to change.
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Duel Points
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