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 What Is The Duel Colosseum?!

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PostSubject: What Is The Duel Colosseum?!   Sat Dec 28, 2013 8:37 am

Before you read this, please ensure that you have read: http://ftunited.forumotion.co.uk/t16-duel-points

What is the Duel Colosseum?!

The Duel Colosseum is a huge where you can freely challenge other members of the Guild to a duel and get awarded duel points, assuming that you win. These duel points will allow you to purchase many cool different things, like a retest.

The amount of points that you get for a match win depends on the rank of duelist you are challenging, below are the rewards for your points.

S Rank – 7 Points
A Rank – 6 Points
B Rank – 5 Points
C Rank – 4 Points
D Rank – 3 Points
E Rank – 2 Points

One Rank Lower: -2 Points
Two Ranks Lower: -3 Points
Three Ranks+ Lower: -4 Points
Same Rank: -1 Point
One Rank Higher: -2 Points
Two Ranks Higher: -1 Points

You are also allowed to wager a maximum of 3 points. Each player will hae different points depending on their Rank within the Guild, if your points go to 0, then you cannot challenge another member until you gain more Duel Points.

To declare a challenge on a member of the team you must either post on the Arena (Duel Colosseum) that you wish to challenge them, or send them a private message, you must provide proof that the person you are challenging has accepted your request.
Below are the requirements for a retest and a war team test and also the costs.

Challenge a Player: You Gain 1 Point - They Must Accept!


1 - You can only challenge the same person to a duel twice a week.
2 - Everything will be played in matches, you are allowed to side.
3 - There are no limitations as to what deck you are allowed to use (except the ones listed below).
4 - You must be nice to the player that you are challenging otherwise you will receive a minus 5 deduction from your total points (the person being abused must send a screenshot of this).
5 - You can only challenge members within the Fairy Tail Guild, no one outside of the Guild may partake in this (unless permitted by either Happy or Mavis).
6 – Ordinary duels within the Guild do not contribute nor affect your duel points, you will be awarded no points if you do not provide evidence.
7 - Duels must be completed in Advanced Unrated.
8 - Even if you lose the challenge, you must post the results.
9 - You cannot duel, nor challenge anyone once your duel points have reached 0.
10 - You cannot duel someone that doesn't have enough points to lose for the cost of losing.

Post in this format otherwise you will not get Duel Points:

Challenger: (Fairy Tail) [Insert Name]
Rank: S, A, B, C, D, E
Deck Used:

Player Being Challenged: (Fairy Tail) [Insert Name]
Rank: S, A, B, C, D, E
Deck Used:

Screenshot of Player Accepting Challenge:


Screenshots of Wins/Losses:
1: [Insert Link]
2: [Insert Link]
3: [Insert Link]

Winner: [Insert Name]

[Insert Random Story Here About How Much You Love Happy or An Adventure? ((Optional))]

Banned Decks:
Final Countdown
Alternative Win Decks
Deck Out
Burn Decks
Self-Destruct Button

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What Is The Duel Colosseum?!
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