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 War Team Test - (Fairy Tail) Roxas - Points Updated, Happy.

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Happy The Cat
Happy The Cat

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PostSubject: War Team Test - (Fairy Tail) Roxas - Points Updated, Happy.   Mon Dec 30, 2013 8:25 pm

Tester: (Fairy Tail) Yajima
Deck Used: Infernity

Testee: (Fairy Tail) Roxas
Deck Used: Dark Worlds

Final Score: (Fairy Tail) Yajima 2 - 0 (Fairy Tail) Roxas

Observer: (Fairy Tail) Happy

Verdict: Fail



1.) Great attitude towards opposing player.
2.) Great knowledge of rulings.


1.) Inconsistency of deck.
2.) Horrible plays.
3.) Misplays
4.) Deck build was slow and allowed opponent to set up field.
5.) Lost the match (had nothing to stop opponent).
6.) Didn't have a side deck to counter opponent.

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War Team Test - (Fairy Tail) Roxas - Points Updated, Happy.
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