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 (Fairy Tail)girlypinks test results

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Miku Hatsune
Miku Hatsune

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PostSubject: (Fairy Tail)girlypinks test results   Tue Dec 10, 2013 12:15 pm

Tester: (Fairy Tail) Shadow
Testing deck: #3

Testees Name: (fairy tail)girlypink
Testees Deck: MPB

Main Deck - 12/15

Side Deck - 5/5

Consistency - 8/10

Creativity - 8/10

Plays - 9/10

Rulings - 10/10

W/L - 10/20

Number of Cards: 10/10

Score: 72/90

Rank: C


Wake up to this nightmare that will never end
The main attraction of this twisted master plan

Trust nothing but pain to get me through the daze
So what if no one cares
Enough to make a change
I give my bleeding heart out for one reason

I will be your deadman
With nothing but this blood on my hands
Stuck in your "wonderland"
I want to make you bleed just like me
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(Fairy Tail)girlypinks test results
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