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 Deliora's War Team Test! - Pass (Happy Approves)

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(Fairy Tail) Yajima

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PostSubject: Deliora's War Team Test! - Pass (Happy Approves)   Wed Dec 11, 2013 12:37 pm

War testee: (Fairy Tail) Deliora

Section One: The Matches

Deck/Extra: 18/20
Siding: 7/10
Win/Lose: 20/20

Decks Used
- Archfiends
- Evil Swarms
- Fire Fists
Score: 45/50

Section Two: Deck Building

Archetype: Destiny Agents
Deck: http://i.imgur.com/26a2Opo.png
Main/Extra Deck: 13/15
Creativity/Merge of archetypes: 5/5
Side Deck: 8/10
Score: 26/30

Section Three: The Quiz

4 out of 5
Test: http://vvcap.net/db/oX745BUH1uUKxT2BKHjH.htp

Passing Score = 80
Final Score = 87
Welcome to the War Team!!!
Please don't take offense to this Razz

Happy, the co leading member of Fairy Tail and current leader of the War Team, approves this message and congratulates you on your success in entering the War Team. - Happy The Cat
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PostSubject: Re: Deliora's War Team Test! - Pass (Happy Approves)   Wed Dec 11, 2013 12:49 pm

I knew I should have named the agents dhero deck "Im in the war team!"
Wouldnt it be funny and cool if this reply was just a "Look at the deck's name." and youd go there and see "Im in the war team bitch!" and be 'like that sly bastard.... '
Buuuuuuuut, I didn't so, yeah, thanks. Gogo FT war team destroy all!
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Deliora's War Team Test! - Pass (Happy Approves)
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