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 FairyLaw's intro

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(Fairy Tail)FairyLaw

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PostSubject: FairyLaw's intro   Sun Dec 15, 2013 5:08 pm

i am Fairy Law (妖精の法律, フェアリーロウ, Fearī Rō) A Spell that is distinct to the Fairy Tail Guild. Im one of the three legendary Fairy Magics
Very Happy

When activated, a bright light envelops the area and inflicts heavy damage on whoever the Caster perceives from their heart as an enemy, leaving friends and bystanders completely unharmed. The choice between friend or foe is decided by the user's heart, and they cannot lie to this Magic.
Serious moment time.

my real name is robert. i am a college student and i love fairytail and others animes

As is the custom of Fairy Tail's Justice System, i will give you until the count of three to kneel.

-Makarov Dreyar unto Jose.

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FairyLaw's intro
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